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Have you ever wondered who would come when a situation was beyond the control of our everyday law enforcement? Would anybody show up?


Thankfully, that’s why the Chester County Emergency Response Commission was established. Also known as the Chester County Regional Emergency Response Team (CCRERT) it is their mission to ensure all citizens are protected when some of the most dangerous situations arise. We all hope that nothing bad will ever happen, but if it does, you can rest easily knowing that these highly specialized units are standing by, ever vigilant.

But they can't do this work alone!

That's where the Friends of the Chester County Emergency Response Commission comes in. We were established in 2023 and are a fully recognized nonprofit organization under IRS code 501(c)(3). Our ethos is to support and provide additional funding for the operations, equipment, training, and other needs of these highly trained units. From SWAT to K-9, the services these law enforcement officers provide are second to none.

Be apart of this great cause and donate today!

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